I’m Doing What I Want, And You Should Too!

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I’ve been away from this blog for a few months and it’s been mostly because I’ve been plagued with feelings of inadequacy and self doubt. Am I even interesting enough? I’m pretty exhausted as it is, will I even have time to write consistently? Should I just focus on my other blog and let this one go? I decided to take a few steps back, try to meditate and connect to a more grounded source and hope that I’d get some divine wisdom to help guide my steps; then this morning I woke up with a simple thought…”DO WHAT YOU WANT”. It seems straight forward enough, but since being on this mom journey I’ve noticed that there’s been this ever growing need to be good at whatever I was doing. When I actually let go of the need to do a great job and instead just focus on doing the things that feel right for me, it’s as if I’m actually able to move forward and get things done.

It got me thinking about a recent post I saw in a Facebook mom group I’m a member of. One of the moms was sharing some frustrations she was having because a few of her friends don’t child proof their homes. From their perspective, all they have to do is keep an eye on their kids and teach them boundaries (similarly to the way they were raised); this mom however found that strategy to be incredibly scary. She’s a busy mom with multiple kids and she found the responsibility of watching them all like a hawk, while still managing to take care of her house, meals and herself to be near impossible. She came to the group looking for permission, or at least approval to child proof her home. Fortunately, my mom group’s a pretty loving community and immediately she was flooded with comments like, “do what works best for YOU mama!” and “do what feels right for you and your family!”. It seems so simple, but I could relate to her 100%. How often do we put our needs on the back burner because we are so caught up with trying to do what we think we ought to be doing, or what the people around us think we should be doing?

I’m only 2 years in this motherhood journey and one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned so far has been – love your kids and trust your instincts. Do what works for you and your family and don’t look for external approval. Guaranteed, no matter what you’re doing, there will be people ready to shame and criticize you, so don’t focus on other people, focus on your family.

And on that note, my blogging journey continues. Not because I know it’ll be great (although I know I have a lot of great insights worth sharing) but because I want to write and share my journey with all of you – and that’s all the reason I need to keep going!

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