Simple Indoor Water Fun for 13 Month Olds

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I’ve been wanting to create a fun water activity for my 13 month old that didn’t include too much mess, or being outside.

Here was my very simple solution:

  1. I spent $1.97 in Walmart on a set of 8 play sharks
  2. I put them in a little Tupperware tub
  3. I added some water
  4. I gave her a little cup to pour water

She LOVED it. She was thoroughly entertained for A WHOLE HOUR!!! In momspeak that might as well be a vacation! And because I had her in her chair, there was no worry about her falling or slipping in the water.

For most of the hour she played independently (giving Mommy a well-needed break)  while I cleaned the kitchen, but I also carved out a little time to include some intentional learning. We counted the shark together, and I described the different types, colors and textures. Having her practice pouring water also helped with developing her fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. I also talked about the fact that some things float, while others sink. We wrapped up the activity with singing Baby Shark! A great way to work on developing language and music.

As for messes? It’s just water. When she was done, I grabbed a big beach towel and had the floor nice and dry in under a minute.

Easy Peezy!

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