How to use mini clothespins as the perfect math manipulative! Three simple ways!

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Today’s math manipulative: mini clothespins! These are a lot easier for little hands to work with than the regular sized ones, and the fact that they come in rainbow colors definitely opens up even more possibilities!

Here are 3 great ways you can incorporate them in your homeschooling!

  1. Color Sorting: Whether you’re using muffin tins, a container with compartments, or making piles on your floor/ bed, these clothespins work really well. To add in a fine motor element and work on that pincer grasp (a skill they’ll need when they learn to write), consider using colorful card stock paper and have the child clip the pins on the corresponding color. You can also use white paper, the back of junk mail, or some old card board you have lying around and simply place the first pin so the child knows what color to follow.
  2. Counting: Incorporate numbered flash cards, or you can always make your own (using cards stock or even post it notes). Another great option is to simply place a few in a pile and have your little learner count them. No other supplies needed. Similar to the color sorting activity, you can make it a fine motor activity by clipping the cards to paper.
  3. Addition and Subtraction: Kids have an easier time grasping math concepts when they can hold items in their hands. Physically clipping and and detaching the clothes pins from a piece of card stock makes simple math much easier to understand and apply.


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