Cardboard box fun

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One of my absolute favorite parts of motherhood is tapping into that creative energy that kids have. They get so excited by a leaf, a stick, a random piece of paper. Oh how I love that sense of wonder! Everything represents possibility. It’s for that reason why I like to find ways to use things around our house, like pots and pans as a drum set, or q-tips as paint brushes, to nurture that out of the box thinking. It was an ongoing joke when the girls were babies that they always seemed more excited by the packaging than the gifts they received, but now that they’re a little older – it’s something that I thoroughly enjoy. I feel an internal shift happening and I’m reminded of that sense of magic.

When Amazon sent my most recent purchase in a massive oversized box, I literally squealed with excitement! It felt like I’d hit the jackpot! I didn’t see a box – I saw a car, a fort, a play house, a kitchen, a table, I saw fun and amazing memory making! The girls hopped in to try it out for size, then we proceeded to go around the house gathering teddy bears, pillows, blankets and sheets to start on what was to become a beautiful fort.

Childhood is short – soak up the wonder and magic of it!

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