A Story About Afiya

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Story time fun!

We read “A Story About Afiya” by the late Jamaican poet James Berry. It’s a story about a little girl, named Afiya, owns one white dress that she wears every day. When she goes out during the day the things she sees creates images on her dress (like sunflowers, leaves, or birds), they stay there at night after she washes her dress, but by the morning her dress is magically white again, ready to capture new images. 

We decided to create Afiya’s dress using colorful circles inspired by one of the images in this beautifully illustrated book!

As expected, the girls LOVED this activity. They really get a kick out of using glue and playing with shapes. They were also captivated by the images in the book and excited about recreating one of them!

Books, storytelling, playing with shapes and colors, fine motor practice, imaginative play – awesome multi sensory activity!

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